1. What is KreatifHub?

KreatifHub is an innovative networking platform for creative professionals and talented individuals all around Indonesia to connect and engage with each other for project opportunities in the creative industry. KreatifHub focuses on these industries: film and media, television, theater, music, animation, dance, and fashion industry.

2. Why should I use KreatifHub?

We transform the way you look for projects and talents in the creative industry; accessible anytime and anywhere all in one place. In KreatifHub, you can find projects that suits you, talents for your next project, connect with other creative professionals, and create a stunning profile to showcase your work.

3. Who can join KreatifHub?

Anyone who has interest and are already working in the creative industry can join KreatifHub! Whether you want to find projects to work on, start your own projects or collaborate with other members, this is the right place for you! KreatifHub provides opportunities for film and tv crew, directors, actors, casting directors, models, influencers, dancers, and many more.

4. How does KreatifHub work?

If you are a creative professional and seeking talents:

  1. Sign up and create your profile.
  2. Post a project on the Project Board.
  3. Once you start receiving applications, you can review them.
After choosing the right talent for your project, you can send them a message through our chat feature. If you are a talent and are looking for projects to work on:
  1. Sign up and create a stunning profile by describing yourself and uploading photos to stand out from the rest.
  2. Search for projects that suits you on the Project Board.
  3. Apply to the projects that interests you
  4. Be patient, if you are selected by the professional, you will receive a message on your Inbox.

5. Is KreatifHub safe to use?

We take our members’ safety very seriously. It is our priority to make sure that our members have a safe experience using our site. We have our dedicated team to review every project listings and KreatifHub members. You can also report other members if you think they have violated our terms of service and our team will review and take the appropriate action to resolve the matter. If you see a project listing or a member on KreatifHub that violates our community guidelines, you can contact us through our email at: or get in touch with our customer support on our site. Once we review your complaint, we will take the necessary action to resolve the issue.

6. Can I receive updates about KreatifHub's promotion, news, etc.?

Yes! KreatifHub members can receive updates on KreatifHub’s promotions and news by clicking on Notifications Settings.

7. Where is KreatifHub's office?

Our office is located at Tokopedia Care Tower Lt 16.39, Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat no.101 in West Jakarta. Feel free to drop by and say hello!

1. What are the differences between free vs pro member?

The main difference between our free and pro members are the features that are available for you on KreatifHub. To see the benefits of being a pro member, check them out here.

2. What types of payment do KreatifHub accept?

We accept different payment methods to subscribe to our pro membership such as credit card, bank transfer, GO-PAY, T-Cash and many more.

3. Why should I get verified as soon as possible?

Verified KreatifHub members are more likely to get hired on projects than members who are not verified because of their credibility. Other members are more likely to trust you if you are verified.

4. How can I get verified in KreatifHub?

You can apply for verification through Account Settings by submitting your ID. Our team will then review your application and voila! You will be notified right away when your verification process is complete and others will see a yellow star whenever they see your profile.

5. Are the members of KreatifHub trustworthy?

Your safety is our main priority, so we will always monitor members and review every project-listing on the site. However, we always recommend that you do a research about the company/person you are connecting with before meeting or deciding to work for them. We also encourage you to communicate with other members directly in KreatifHub through our chat feature so that we have a record of your conversation.

6. Can I report or file complaints about another user?

If you see a project listing or a member on KreatifHub that violates our community guidelines, you can contact us through our email at: or get in touch with our customer support on our site. Once we review your complaint, we will take the necessary action to resolve the issue.

1. How do I find projects?

After signing up, you can start searching for projects on our Project Board. There, you can find, filter, and apply for projects that suits you. Once you submit your application, the member who posted the job will contact you if they think you are suitable for the role. In the meantime, you can apply to more jobs to increase your chances of getting one.

2. How do I find talents?

After creating your free account, you can post a project on our Project Board by filling out the project post creator form. Once we’ve reviewed and approved your listing, your project listing will show up on the Project Board for anyone to apply. You will be notified through your Inbox as soon as someone applies to your listing. To review or make changes to your project listings, head over to the post a project directory found in Accounts.

3. How do I get paid after completing a project?

In KreatifHub, we do not keep any money or take commissions off of projects that you do here. It is not our responsibility to pay you or make sure that you get paid for the work that you found here. So we will always encourage you to discuss and sign a contract before you start working on any project in order to ensure that both parties are protected. This is even more important for paid roles.

4. Am I guaranteed to get a project through KreatifHub?

While we cannot guarantee that you will be given the role that you applied for, we can guarantee that you will find many more opportunities in our project board. The more applications that you send, the more likely it is for you to land a role. So, don’t give up and start applying!