In order to ensure that data related to identity, contacts, profiles, behavior on the Site and data associated with Your other personal information ("Personal Data") is always protected when You access site and its derivative sites and/ or KreatifHub Site (“Site ”) and/or use the features contained therein ("Feature(s)"), which is developed by PT Kreatifhub Inti Nusantara (“KreatifHub” “We", “Our” or “Us) is committed to protect the Personal Data which is further regulated under this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) constitutes a set of rules that are integral part of Terms and Conditions, which are made as basis of Our activities in obtaining and collecting, processing, storing, displaying, dissemination and destruction of Personal Data on the Site. The definitions and terms in capital letters under the page of the Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning and interpretation as the terms used in this Policy, unless otherwise specified under this Policy.

By accessing and / or using the Site, You have read, understood and gave an approval for KreatifHub to obtain, collect, store, manage and use the Personal Data as stated in the Policy and are bound to all the terms under this Policy. If You do not approve this Policy, You are not permitted to access and / or use the Site.

Subject to this Policy, You are also considered to be bound by the Terms and Conditions in which this Policy constitutes an inseparable and an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. The invalidity of the Terms and Conditions shall not cause this Policy to become illegal, invalid and/ or not applicable.


1. Acquisition or Collection of Personal Data 

1.1. When You access the Site or use the Features contained in the Site, You directly or indirectly provide Us with Personal Data. For example, when You register by creating an Account in the Site, We shall collect and store Your Personal Data in the form of Your name, email address, password, and other data needed so You can have access to Your account. In addition, We collect Your Personal Data including when You:

a. access the Site and/ or use the Features;

b. register by creating an Account on the Site;

c. input information upon making payment for the Subscription Fee; 

d. respond to surveys sent by Us;

e. contact Us, through the communication facilities that We provide;

f. use the Features that require access permission on Your device; or

g. enter information in relation with Personal Data in any form to the Site and/ or Feature.

1.2. The Personal Data that We collect is the data that You have provided to Us in the manner that We have previously explained. The Personal Data shall include, among others:

a. data relating to Your personal information, including Your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, identity card photo, resume, curriculum vitae, or photo of You;

b. Your profile includes age, gender or other data;

c. Your portfolio;

d. Your company information;

e. Your response to the survey that We gave;

f. a history of payment transactions that You perform on the Site;

g. payment information that you input when you choose a payment method for Subscription Fee on the Site;

h. data of real or approximate location such as Internet Protocol addresses, Wi-Fi locations, geo-locations, and others;

i. data in the form of time of each usage activity, including registration, login, transaction, and others;

j. Your data of usage and/ or preferences, including Your interactions in using the Site, stored choices, job or Talent that You choose as well as the settings selected in the Site;

k. information about the software and hardware that You use to access the Site and/ or use the Feature;

l. data log, including records on the server that receives data such as the IP address of the device, the date and time of access, Site feature or page viewed, Site  work processes and other system activities;

m. interactions, reviews, critics, suggestions and/ or messages from You addressed to Us, other Talent, and/or Creative Professional including everything that is disclosed when You contact Us through the means of communication that We provide or when we provide assistance to resolve the problems that arise in connection with the use of the Site ; and/or

n. other things that You do in the Site and/ or Feature and other data that You provide into the Site and/ or Feature.

1.3. You hereby represent and warrant that the Personal Data which You input into the Site and/ or Feature is Your Personal Data based on the actual condition, and You are fully responsible for the Personal Data and You have full authority and/ or personal rights to submit Personal Data to Us, including releasing Us from any civil lawsuits or criminal charges arising from misleading information relating to Personal Data that You input into the Site and/ or Features.

1.4. KreatifHub has the right from time to time to request the authentication, verification and/ or update of Your Personal Data, therefore Your data and information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, including temporarily/permanently terminating or prohibit You to access certain Features optimally in the event that You have not authenticate and update Your Personal Data.

1.5. By continuing to access the Site, using Features, and/ or other KreatifHub services, You hereby expressly give approval to KreatifHub to obtain and collect Your Personal Data as set out in Article 1.1 and 1.2 in this Policy, and this approval is given without being forced, in good will, and consciously.


2. Use of Personal Data

2.1. The Personal Data that We have collected and obtained shall be fully used for Your and Our interests in accordance with this Policy and the Applicable Laws in Indonesia. We may use the Personal Data for, among others:

a. process Your data for Your needs in accessing Sites, using Features;

b. deliver data/ information to the Creative Professional or Talent with respect to You for further collaboration between the Creative Professional  and Talent;

c. manage, operate, and provide You with the services offered on the Site;

d. contacting You in regards of the matters relating to Your usage and / or access of the Siteand Features available on the Site, and any questions and / or requests submitted by You through the Site or vice versa;

e. make a personalization and / or adjustment to job or Talent that are recommended on the Site in accordance with Your preference based on your Personal Data with an objective to adjust and maximize your experience inusing the Site;

f. communicating with You in connection with the requests for critics and suggestions;

g. inform the information, insight, surveys or interesting program(s) or promotion for You;

h. Site and/ or Feature development in order to improve Our services, including using information obtained for research, analyzing, product development and testing purposes to improve Your security and comfort in accessing and using the Site and/ or Feature, and developing Features and/ or new product;

i. business development, service or marketing strategy;

j. measure and improve the experience and satisfaction of the Site user;

k. assist You when filing a report to Us regarding the use of the Site through the communication facilities We provide;

l. conduct monitoring or investigation of indicated violations of the Terms and Conditions that You made, Applicable Law, as well as taking necessary actions as response on the outcome of such monitoring or investigation;

m. enforcing and applying the  Terms and Conditions;

n. resolve complaints that We receive including resolving problems regarding Site Features in it; and / or

o. for other purposes as notified to you on the time of acquiring Personal Data.

2.2. You hereby understand that using Features in the Site requires a process of authenticating, verifying, and/ or updating Your Personal Data. By continuing to access the Site, using Features, and / or other KreatifHub’s services, You hereby expressly give Your approval to the use, utilization and/ or disclosure of Your Personal Data, and state that approval of the use and disclosure of Personal Data for such needs is carried out without being forced, in good will, and consciously.


3. Sharing of Personal Data to Third Parties

3.1. We shall not sell, rent, display or distribute Your Personal Data without Your consent unless otherwise specified in this Policy. We shall only disclose Your Personal Data to third parties with Your agreement.

3.2. By continuing to access the Site and use the features and other KreatifHub’s services, You hereby give an approval in any form to disclose Your Personal Data and You permit Us to disclose and send the Personal Data to selected third parties who helps Us to provide services to You (“Selected Third Parties”) and releasing Us for any loss or damage arising from Selected Third Parties failures to secure Your Personal Data. You fully acknowledge that this approval was given without being forced, with full capacity, and consciously.

3.3. We are not able to guarantee the security of Your Personal Data on the third party systems including the system of the Selected Third Parties system. We also have no control or responsibility for the privacy policies or content of the third parties. Therefore, We recommend You to learn and examine the privacy policies of each third party, so that You understand their terms on handling Your Personal Data.

3.4. We are authorized to disclose Your Personal Data to comply with a valid court orders or decisions of legitimate government agencies or the provisions of Applicable Law. If possible and permitted, We shall send You a notification in the event that We are disclosing Your Personal Data.

3.5. You acknowledge and agree that in order to develop the Site, We might use and share Your data and information that does not identify You individually, among others to be processed, developed and cooperated with Selected Third Parties or other third parties. We respect Your privacy, therefore the data and information that We might use and share is the aggregate data without identifying You as an

3.6. For the avoidance of doubt, the third parties referred to in this Article are third parties other than Creative Professionals or Selected Third Parties who cooperate with Us for the purpose to support the performance of transactions and providing services on the Site.


4. Use of Cookies and Third Party Services

4.1. Cookies are text files that are placed on Your computer for recording purposes. We use cookies to help Us improve Your comfort in accessing Our Sites.

4.2. Cookies shall record Your Personal Data as well as the data that You input into the Site. For example, if You create an account in the Site, cookies shall help Us recall specific Personal Data for Your next visit. When You re-access the Site, the Personal Data that You provided previously will be displayed, so the activation of cookies shall facilitate You in accessing the Site.

4.3. You can disable cookies in Your browser partially or entirely, but when You do not enable cookies as a whole (including important cookies), You may not be able to access all or part of the Site and/ or Features.

4.4. In general, the browser has a feature to control most cookies. To find out more about cookies, including but not limited to managing, deleting and seeing which cookies are active, You are encouraged to visit or

4.5. We reserve the right to use third party services to analyze Personal Data for Us, such as Google Analytics and other third party services that aim to develop Sites and Features, among others, Features that support communication services which provide facilities for Talent to interact directly with Creative Professionals. These third-party services including among others the collection of data from Your visits and activities while accessing the Site and using the Feature.


5. Your Options and Transparency

In using the Site and the Features that We provide, We respect You by providing options that include but are not limited to:

a. You are able to set so that We cannot access any data without Your consent the first time We request access or the first time the Site is used on Your device. By granting such access, You are deemed to have given approval to Us to manage the data that You have granted based on this Policy;

b. You are able to make changes to Your profile information such as telephone number, social media information, personal site information, username, physical description, working experience, skill/competency, and other information about Yourself through the Feature in the Site;

c. You are able to unsubscribe from the notification of a new job or Talent that is suited to Your needs, a variety of the latest event information, and exclusive offers if You no longer wish for such information.


6. Storage and Deletion

6.1. Your Personal Data that You input into the Site as well as We obtained based on the provisions of Article 1 of this Policy shall be stored with security procedures and facilities in accordance with the provisions of the law for the period specified in the provisions under the Applicable Laws in Indonesia.

6.2. We provide means for You to delete Your Account in Our Site, which can be found in Account setting. In the event that You delete Your account, You consciously understand the consequences that You cannot use Features and Sites or other KreatifHub’s services because You are no longer registered as a Talent or Creative Professional. Please be informed that even though You are no longer a Talent or Creative Professional registered within the Site, Your Personal Data may still be stored for the required period based on the provisions of the Applicable Law.

6.3. We have the authority to delete Your own Account based on Our terms, based on court decree or judgment, and/ or in accordance with law. We shall notify You by email regarding the deletion of Your Account under this authority.

6.4. We have the authority to delete Your Personal Data based on written request from You or in the manner that We specify but remain subject to the Indonesian Applicable Laws.


7. Limitation of Liabilities

7.1. You are responsible for security and the implementation of appropriate measure in safeguarding Your Personal Data, such as, restricting access, creating strong passwords, protecting passwords, and/ or protecting One-Time Password (OTP).

7.2. KreatifHub is not responsible for the exchange and/ or provision of Your Personal Data that You do personally, including what You do through the Site.

7.3. Our Sitemay contain links to other websites. In case you use such links, you should understand that We do not have any control on such websites and / or Sites, therefore you understand and warrant that we are not / shall not be held accountable on the privacy policies of the sites / Sites of the other third party, based on such links and recommend You to read the privacy policy of each site / Sites You visit that collects Personal Data.

7.4. KreatifHub is only responsible for the protection and security of Your Personal Data to the extent that Personal Data is stored in a system developed and managed by KreatifHub and KreatifHub at any time shall perform and take any reasonable steps that is required to protect and safeguard Your Personal Data. By continuing to access the Site, using Features, and / or other KreatifHub’s services, You waive the rights to administer claims, losses, demands and law suit that You may have in the event of failure of Personal Data protection arising from a part of negligence committed by Yourself in maintaining the security and confidentiality of Personal Data and/ or as a result of actions by third parties who attempts to obtain Personal Data in an illegal manner.

7.5. KreatifHub is not responsible for the originality, authenticity, validity, accuracy, completeness of the Personal Data provided by You.


8. Miscellaneous

8.1. We always try to provide the best services for You in accessing the Site and using Our Features, therefore We have the right to make changes to this Policy to perform adjustment for business developments and applicable legal provisions. Changes to this Policy shall from time to time be uploaded to the Site so that You can read the changes from this Policy. If changes to this Policy are material to personal Site data and information, We shall notify You before the changes take effect. By continuing to access the Site, using Features, and / or other KreatifHub services, You declare that You have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the changes of this Policy.

8.2. If there are provisions or parts of this Policy that are against the law, cannot be applied or became invalid, then the provisions or such parts shall be deemed as removed from this Policy and other provisions of this Policy shall remain in full force.

8.3. In the event of a change of controller or a change in ownership of all or part of Our business, including the Site, due to the performance of a merger, consolidation, acquisition, joint venture, transfer,bankruptcy, and / or other corporate actions, Your Personal Data may / shall be part of the transfer based on such corporate actions.

8.4. This Policy may be translated to other languages ??besides Indonesian which is provided by Us. There is a possibility that some part in this Policy have different meanings, purpose, or interpretation when translated into other languages. If there are differences between the Indonesian versions and the foreign language versions, the Indonesian version shall prevail and you are advised to refer to the Indonesian version.


9. Contact Us

You can contact Us via e-mail through or telephone to (+6221) 29953808. All correspondence between You and Us may be noted or recorded by Us for Our interests.